Carlo M. Giacoma - managing Director
CarloGiacoma  Maldive - Kofi Annan
Job experiences:

From 1982 until today: Managing Director of A.C.Giacoma S.p.A. and A.C.Giacoma Ltd and A.C.Giacoma Asia. Company specialized in Project Financing and Export Credit. (www.acgiacoma.co.uk)
In 1986 he negotiated the financing of the Hilton building up in the capital of Cameroon.
In 1988, the main Italian financing in the Ivory Coast for the Central hospital project in Abidjan.
In that year, heís a promoter of the Sempione Trust (members: Banca Popolare di Novara, Efibanca, FIORONI Group, etc.) creating the feasibility study of the Sempione Railway Tunnel doubling. Member of the Board of Directors.
1989 heís appointed Honorary Consul for Maldives in Italy. Console Onorario Maldive
Delegate to the Head of State level Conference of Not Aligned Movement ( Belgrado)
Representative at the Annual General Meeting of World Bank and IMF and for various multilateral from that year on.
1991-2004 Financing for two power stations building up in IRAN (Esfahan/Tavanir) Chimical Plant ARAK 3/Fochi
1994-1995: Rescheduling of the Iranian Unpaid Debt
1996-2001: Rescheduling of the Former Soviet Union Unpaid Debt
1996: Representative at the FAO Meeting (Head of State level)
Representative in Iran for some of the main companies in the car field (Pininfarina, Rambaudi, Fiat, etc.)
ï2005: Manager for the Institutional Comunications and Fund Raising of the IME Foundation (founding members: Ministry of Foreign Affair, Ministry of Treasury, Ministry of Health, the Region of Lazio).
Coordinator for Italy and Algeria for the National Disaster Management Center of Maldives
Member of the Board of Governors of MEDCHILD Foundation