MIDF: A Unique Investment advisory Firm at Maldives

Maldives Investment Develoment Fund (MIDF) is an independent investment firm focused on promoting investment in the Republic of Maldives, assisting foreign and national companies and individuals to partecipate to the unique potential development of the country.

Maldives Investment Development Fund (MIDF) wants to participate to the realization of the social economic future of the Maldives joining technical abilities and financial institutions to the respect of the dignity of the place, of the dignity of in particular who live this country.
The managers have a long experience of the country in key positions and have participated with their professional contribution and human to its development for more than 25 years.
Our mission is:
To Pinpoint, to estimate and to realize by taking direct participation or the creation of local society/partnerships able to generate development, conjugating a just profit with the local social necessities.
Diversify the scope and the areas of activities to mitigate the connected risks, in particular articulating plans with various periods of payback, having therefore an inner shock-absorber to maintain the cash flow positive, after to have paid profit/interest.
The areas of investment already identified are:
  • Agriculture and related activities
  • Marine Resources (coral)
  • Tourism
  • Health Tourism
  • Boat building (construction of boats for goods and passengers transport)
  • Real Estate
  • Banking and Investment banking
  • Telecommunication
The competitive advantages are:
• Possibility to associate partner and investor according to modality of nearly private business.
• Centralized Administration and finance with greater facility of control and management.
• High Profile in negotiations with local partners.
• Agreements streamlining with reference to several involvement of investors (one to many instead of many to many).
• Differentiation of times and fields of business and the relative risks.